The mobiles I make inspire the sensation of levity within people who view them. You bring them to life by feeling a new sense of your own volume and position in space. Invisible currents of air enliven them with motion. Light illuminates their colored panes. Even a breath can shiver them in mid-air.


These are dreams, metaphors, sensations in movement. They are constellations and satellites and myths. Pared down to the most essential form, and all poetry aside, they are like a musical composition, put to form and color, brought to life, as all music is, by movements of the air.



"I understand the way the moon moves in the sky now, Grandma." -3 Year old Grand-Daughter of Joyce Samuelson

"Sleeping under your mobile
Is a wonderful feeling. I feel protected at night,
like someone is watching over me.
I love watching it move during the day,
understanding totally how your dancers mobile evolved..." -Rima Muna

Thanks so much for sending along these photos of some of your work. It does appear "calderesque" yet I understand from our conversation, that is where the comparison ends. I love your description of your work as seems to captures the essence of your expression; story telling, fantasy, whimsy balanced with light and color and form. Wonderful for the imaginations of us all I think. -Roxanne


For commissions and inquiries feel free to call 805-669-7057