Siriusly, when I meet someone new, I want to hear where they are really from, not some place we were born, or grew up, but where we come from, everyday. What is your internal world? Because no matter what we do, our internal world informs every action we make to create the world that we live in.

Where am I from?

It's sometimes too revealing to get personal right off the bat, but hey, are we here to dance around our purpose or get to business? Our business being our purpose, and our purpose being the world we are here to build.

When I was 5, I looked up at a Led Zeppelin poster of an angel after being heartbroken that I couldn't find my father. My little heart was on the precipice of imploding, of choosing hurt over love, contraction over expansion. But I asked myself this question: "Is life worth living if I am not living with an open heart?" and then "What is life really, if I live a life where I have closed myself down to the possibilities, to protect myself from the hurt I am feeling?" I chose love that day. I've had my moments of pain, betrayal, loss, heartbreak. Sometimes I've forgotten and chosen to be hurt more than to grow, but in the end, I choose growth, and love and laughter. That's who I am. That's where I come from. And at the end of the story, or the campaign or the video, that's what I'm about: finding the way to expand beyond. So we can live a life that is continuously miraculous.

Where are you from, really?